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The act of ejaculating into somebodys hair and having it freeze.
Mark totally just gave that chick a tompkins.
by Wholeden February 18, 2007
an old, demented, bitch of a sub-school principal, who makes it her goal in life to make the hammouds as miserable as she possibly can. she uses a wide variety of tools at her disposal such as suspension, detention, and filing police reports, amogst others. she is generally in a sour mood, which contributes greatly to her cunt like personality.
boy: 'someone beat me up'
tompkins: 'it must've been omar, send him to my office'

tompkins: 'i smell weed. is ramy in school today?'

tompkins: '3 hammouds down, and i got 4 more comin my way. just knowing theres more hammouds to screw over makes me happy.'
by elme3lem September 03, 2006