A jolly polish kid from Chicago named Tomasz, who enjoys Rugby and the occassional Pool Stick Insertion. He can be found anywhere beer is available.
"Shoe Polish? I'm Polish!!"

"Good job tomek.."
by WetherMan June 23, 2003
Top Definition
A rare form of high-quality human. Normally comes from the best country known as Poland.
Jake: Whoah! Why does that guy have a glow of gold around his body
Ju-Kyung: Oh, that's just Tomek. He's awesome.
Jake: Definetly understand...
by Shnoiv February 22, 2010
A Polish first name, unofficial version of Tomasz, which is similar to English Thomas.
Hi Tomek, How you doin'?
by TomaszIsMyName February 06, 2010
an amazing person, who will be faithful.
he's usually kind and loves to joke around.
LOVES perry the platypus;) and dora
steals pillows-.-'
sexxxxy polish guy;)
gets pissy if you call him gay
Girl1: OMG your so amazing
Girl2: Mhm. thats tomek
Tomek: :DDDD
A person who can get pretty depressed without a girlfriend, in other words, desperate. Friends with girls, and wishes to be more manly. Pretty frickin' girly as well.
girl- TOMEK
boy- ugh, that girly boy

girl- I was talking to tomek
girl 2- really?
girl- he asked me out for the 5th time
girl 2- that's usual for him
by Bill: Smart Guy June 06, 2009
A rich polish kid who likes to get down with grenades. They sometimes are seen repping brick squad.
Man, that Tomek has like 3 grenades in his m3.
by Thug Life Currier November 21, 2010
a smurf like creature
you look like a smurf tomek
by p e t e r April 08, 2003
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