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Creator of the popular flash cartoon portal Newgrounds. Brother of Wade Fulp.
Tom Fulp created Newgrounds, and has created many flash cartoons exclusive to the site.
by LRSchober August 17, 2005
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The brother of Wade Fulp; co-creator of the flash portal website, Newgrounds (formerly Newground Atomix), which hosts many successful macromedia flash movies and games such as Alien Hominid and Pico's School. He commonly creates original flash animations for his website in collaboration with other NG users such as Dan Paladin. Tom is getting married in Spring 2007.
Man, I want to be just like Tom Fulp when I grow up.

Tom Fulp's testicles must be the size of grapefruits.

by Tycho July 23, 2006
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The creator of the website called Many people try to kiss his ass, hoping to get modship, but it'll never happen.
TomFulp: Hey, guys.

Newgrounds'er: 0MFG TOMFULP, I LUV U!!1!!!
by JohnJacbobJingleHimerSchmit October 18, 2007
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