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Tom Shots is a term mainly used to describe someone who is malnourished in appearance and has an extremely skinny face, has long or scraggy hair, and has the tendency to ejaculate onto their own face. They also have an unusually large amount of semen per ejaculation, and ejaculations can last for more than a minute.
Tom Shots may also be used to describe someone who appears to be destined to spend their life alone and without female contact (for males). The term can also be used to describe females with aforementioned appearance.
A Tom Shots may also be suicidal.

The term originates from Thomas "Tom" Shots (1992), discovered for the first time by people who aren't a Tom Shots in 2010, he features all of the above traits and abilities.
The term is used most commonly in a metaphorical sense; "Look! It's Tom Shots!"

"That guy is a complete Tom Shots".
by EdgarBallsack December 05, 2011
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