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Tom Delonge (Thomas Delonge) is a talented music artist who is in a punk rock band called Blink-182. He is also known for being in other bands such as Angels & Airwaves and Car Box Racer. Famous songs by Blink-182 are ones such as What's My Age Again and All The Small Things.

He is one of the funniest and coolest people on this planet and is so down to earth it is unbelievable.

Tom, like many people, is my idol. I love him and I support him with anything that he does.

He is obviously one of the sexist men on this planet as well, and I would turn gay for him as he is just so amazing! And I'm not gay what so ever. Tom is the only man for me. End of. Lol.
Friend: "Have you heard Blink-182's new song, Wishing well?!

Me: "Of course I have! It's an awsome song! Mainly because Tom Delonge (Thomas Delonge) is singing in it and he has a sexy voice! :P"

Friend: "Your so gay!"

Me: "No. No I'm not. Not at all. Tom is the only guy for me so fuck you! :)"
by TomDelongeFan<3 April 30, 2012
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