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A new trend invented by a middle school in britain, which is
two words a person usually shouts when squirting someone with water. Usually in a corridor, a classroom (when a teacher isn't looking), a toliet or a playground.

Equipment Needed:
A Full Water Bottle, with a twist-off cap.
A Compass (or any, small sharp point.)

To perform a 'Tom Burgess', you fill your bottle with water, screw on the lid, pierce the middle of the lid with a compass, to make a small hole in the middle.

Hide somewhere random, like behind a bush or in a toliet cubicle.

Select your victim, leapt out of your hiding place holding the bottle and screaming 'TOM BURGEEEEES' while squeezing the bottle so water shoots out the tiny hole, drenching them with water. Aim for the crotch area, to make it look like they've wet themselves.

Tom Burgess is also a character from Antony Horowitzes non-fictional childrens sci-fi thriller novel, 'Ravens Gate'. He is a farmer who got killed mysterious in the story.

Nobody knows why 'TOM BURGEEEES' is shouted when performing this stunt, but its pretty funny.
Boy1: Harry just went up to me and squirted water all over me, and shouted 'TOM BURGEESSS'.

Boy2: AHAHAHAH you just got Tom Burgessed!
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