an unexplained sexual position mentioned by Conan "Coco" O'Brien on his new show, "Conan."
(while talking to his censor) can I say tokyo sandblaster?
by forthecoco November 10, 2010
Top Definition
A Tokyo Sandblaster is a scatological activity developed by Conan O'Brien for the Conan Show. It is defined as when one person has diarrhea, they place their ass close to their partner's face while firmly pressing their butt cheeks together. They then release their bowels, effectively blasting their partner in the face with a high pressure stream of shit, forcing them to squint and as a result creating the appearance of Asian features.
1. After Conan O'Brien's new show "Conan" Tokyo Sandblasted the shit out of the Tonight Show's ratings, he couldn't help but notice the shit running down his partners face bore a striking resemblance to the comedic stylings of Jay Leno.

2. Jay Leno enjoys Tokyo Sandblasters.

3. Conan is the shit, Jay Leno is a piece of shit.
by Hugh Jweener November 10, 2010
A sexual act involving the removal of a womans makeup by attempting to get her face pregnant.
Nicole "Snookie" Polizzi gets a Tokyo Sand Blaster twice a week to reduce the lines around her mouth.
by Saphodravingo November 28, 2010
An unknown sex position utilized and made popular by Conan O'Brien.
Dude I love performing the Tokyo Sand Blaster on my girfriend. Conan did, so why can't I?
also see unknown, unsure, stuff, things, something
by adynamitefella November 09, 2010
the best sex act to ever be squeezed from the mind grapes of coco.
Mr. Falcon always gives her at least one Tokyo sand blaster.
by Team Coco November 09, 2010
sexual innuendo referring to a position make popular by Conan O'Brien on his 2nd episode of the Conan show.
Have you ever done the Tokyo sandblaster?" "Not that I am aware of, but I have decorated the lady cake.
by Cigarettebutt75 November 10, 2010
Several men bukake a woman buried up to her neck in sand, then kick sand in her face.
It was tokyo sand blaster time in Miami last week
by milkshakemaker December 28, 2010
Noun -- Failed Cleveland Steamer in which rectal pressure turns out to be a shart instead of an actual bowel movement. This results in the receiver being peppered by fecal flecks as opposed to the expected full-blown turd.
My one night stand was begging for the Cleveland Steamer. Surprised, I decided to give it a try. I turned around and pushed... As it turns out, it was mostly gas and instead of the Cleveland Steamer, she got the Tokyo Sandblaster. Result? She liked it better! Guess who's not getting called back?
by rugby_101 November 11, 2010
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