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The act of shitting down the jap's eye of a man. Not entirely unlike the Alaskan Pipeline and/or Docking.
"Jesus, Agnes. My Jap's eye is so laden full of faeces from that Tokyo Rollercoaster, I'll be jizzing turds for weeks."
by Murfatron/Phil/Kyle/Paul. June 06, 2006
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(N)'Tokyo Roller Coaster' is the name for the process of defecating into someones japseye. It is mainly performed as a sexual act, celebrating the art of sodomy by the unorthodox reversal of each orifice's role.
However, the japseye may also function as a temporary waste repository, if it is sufficiently cavernous.

The name is derived from the reference to Japan in the term 'Japseye', and roller coaster is a reference to the rapid decent of undeposited feces towards the ground.
Isn't it funny how you always find a kernel of corn inside it, after being performing a Tokyo Roller Coaster?
by PMJR-Dan June 06, 2006
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