applicable to any given sorority girl; that is, you use it and forget about it
I just got done with Marie, so now I think I'll find another toilet
by collegesucks2001 December 08, 2003
-A stealthy way to describe a scrumptious female backside.
"dude check out that toilet!"
"wow dude, greatest toilet ever, its huuuge!"
by buttmaster56565656 November 02, 2009
A derogatory term for women.
That bitch is a toilet!!!
by TXEric December 12, 2007
Subservient gay male who seeks out men to urinate in his mouth.
Yes, I have a toilet, and a toilet boi.
by Dec April 05, 2003
A term of light derision originating in England
"ya fackin toilet, youve gone and got me the wrong bloody baccy, Lucie, hes gone and got me the wrong bloody baccy". Said Ian.
by Jonny Tennant December 10, 2005
Small venues holding 100-300 people, the first stepping stone for a new band.
..they're currently touring the toilets and building up a fanbase
by marinaorgan June 08, 2003
What everything turns into when you drink too much.
Hey, I ain't no toilet, drunk dude!
by bat_hero May 02, 2009

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