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Girls usually found in pairs frequenting bar/clubs toilets with an aim to find gossip. Will find unlikely victims, possibly in a state of intoxication to spill their inner most secrets/problems/issues to the Detectives and will then become part of a memorable night out. Occasionally Toilet Detectives will be armed with CSI style tape for comedy purposes and generally find other police-like memorabilia such as truncheons and hats.
Toilet detective 1: Wow, that's a pretty skirt.
Victim: Thanks (proceeds to look sad) my boyfriend gave it to me
Toilet detective 2: oh that was nice of him
Victim: not really, he's CHEATING on me!!! (breaks down into tears)
Toilet detectives: why don't you tell us about it.....gossip ensues.
by the purple panda March 09, 2008
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