(n.) A kiNd oF iNtErNet WriTiNg ThAt LoOkS liKe ThiS uSeD bY aNnOyiNG dUmBaSs TeEnYbOpPeRs.
LiKe Oh My GoD tOgGlE iS sOoOoO cOoL!
by AnnoyingOne September 28, 2003
Toggling is the process of female masturbation. One continues to use any amount of fingers, or miscellaneous objects to obtain pleasure in the private area. Especially when a male figure is not around to provide orgasmic pleasures to the clitorous. Sometimes this act is used to arouse the male figure.
1. Done mainly to the likes of Daniel K.
2. Can't help to do anything but toggle to Daniel K.
3. It's just flipping better when you toggle to Daniel K.
by Shannon January 23, 2005
to hook up with, to fool around
"I toggled that chick last night"

"Ping! I toggled a tool!"....that's peeny mang
by Dr. Asian Love May 22, 2003
boning a hampster
"Dude, did you do some major toggling last night?" "Oh you know it."
by Anonymous August 24, 2003
The Toggles are basically dwarf-like creatures that sneak into your room at night and steal objects, misplacing them, sometimes permanently. The Toggles have an affinity for finding your marijuana and making it disappear. Additionally, they love the smell of copper and will often times only try to steal and misplace your pennies, usually in really strange places.

they are closely related to pick gnomes, who are relentless in stealing guitar picks.
Andy: Dude, why are there so many pennies in my room? and where'd all my weed go?

Bill: I don't know man, sounds like you have a Toggles problem.
by BewaretheToggles August 25, 2014

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