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A jumped up, sexing his own bum English gentleman who was interviewed by Borat Ishmael Chorkyz Sagdiyev about the sport of Bowling on a Channel 4 documentary. He finds his own quips hilaric and oestentacious, occasionally secreting excrement from his anus hole and in to his Y-front knickers, therefore creating a Prarie Dog, a.k.a. Touching Cloth. His favourite personal characteristic is his nickname, or his pseudonym, nome de gerre or soubriquet - Tod. He loves it and truly - if it was humanly possible, would intercourse oneself on a numerous and occasional basis.
1) Todd: "Todd Slaughter...Tawwwd Slawwghuter!"
"I always think of it...laaaaughter - with an S in front"

2) "My first name Tod - 'tis a nickname...a pseudonym, a nome de gerre...a soubriquet."
#borat #sagdiyev #slaughter #toddery #buggery
by Olli Phillips January 07, 2008
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