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1) Well known evangelist on the familynet with the particularity of having a personality that evokes both nausea and diarrhea all at once. He is the host of both Wretched radio and Wretched TV where he displays a high level of douchebaggery.

2) Epithet hurled at someone who displays the characteristics of Todd Friel, typically a Christian Fundementalist or a used car salesman.

(SEE douchebag, asshole, motherfucker, dickwad, creep, scumbag, shithead, bible-thumper, fundy)
- Did you see that Todd Friel? The one acting all chummy with the kids and handing out tracts?

- That preacher just went on and on about the evils of the world with that shit-eating grin. What a Todd Friel!!
by Th3_W01F January 27, 2011
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