Role model for rural youth - extraordinary singer/songwriter; successful and savvy businessman; dedicated family man; patriotic and non-partisan; philanthropist; supporter of other creative and under appreciated singer songwriters
Toby Keith has sold millions of albums, owns ILBT&G, race horses, Ally's House, married at least 22 years to same woman, coaches young son's football team, supports education for daughter before singing career, visits troups in Iraq, Africa, Germany and other outposts - regularly and without fanfare - or extra pay
by ljnelson June 21, 2006
Toby Keith is simply "The Best", A true man who is not afraid to speak his mind and stand up for what he believes is right. A man with a lot of talent who also makes everything he touches turn to money.
Toby Keith has music, horses, bars, golf courses, bank and the list goes on and one.
by JoeyM June 21, 2006
The best singer who ever lived he has the best songs and is a great american modle...we should be like toby keith because he stands up for what is right and he supports USA in times of war
Hey lets go see Tk
ok i love him!!!
by Shelley K June 08, 2005

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