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Time spent relaxing by yourself and generally being anti social.
Generally accompanied by salt baths, dinners by yourself and poetry. All by yourself.
Could also be said to be 'me time'.
John: "Tracy. What are you doing this weekend? Want to come to our xmas in July party?"
Tracy: "Thankyou but no thankyou. They boyfriend is out so im going to have some toby time."
John: "Tracy, you are so deep and in tune with your emotions"
#me time #relaxation #tobey time #tobi time #anti social #poetry
by hyderator July 30, 2009
When a person thinks they're arriving at something on time, but are actually late by half an hour, if not greater.
The dumbarse is running on Toby Time again.
#anti social #late #socially inept #slow #hurrah
by emomomo December 09, 2010
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