In his words, an "Excessively lazy" person who asked me to define him here. Likes pies, glee and "o.o"
He is a communist! o.o
by Zal January 16, 2005
Top Definition
The definition of "lazy bastard".
Hobbies and Interests:
I sit around and do nothing?
by Axl DS January 16, 2005
a really cool fool who ive known for a bit but has low self esteem and thats not good i try to help but he refuses but im a persistiant little bastard and wont give up if you would like to help plz vote thumbs up for my good ol pal toasty
Darkace: hello how are you

Toaster Mage:o.O..

Toaster Mage: boring?
by Darkace January 17, 2005
1) Likes toasted computers
2) Likes PIE
3) Likes randomness
4) Likes Spam programs
5) Naturally lazy
6) Hate's physical activity of any kind (who doesn't)
7) Has annoyingly Curly Hair
8) Invents days (eg Unhappy error 404 day 04/04/05)
9) Does not own a toaster
10) Uses the phrase "I see..." too much on msn
Someone says "Hello"
Toasty says "I see..."
by Fomar0153 April 05, 2005
1.) A Toaster that is also a Mage.
2.) A Mage that has the ability to make Toast without the use of a Toaster or Toaster Oven
3.) A Pieism priest.
4.) a Communist (In name only ... not in practice)
5.) A very random person who does NOT own a Toaster
6.) A lazy bastard.
7.) A person named "Blah Blahson"
8.) An amalgamation of any of the seven previous definitions, or all of them, or none of them, or ... just ... o.o ... PIE!!
There is good, there is evil ... There is Communism, and Capitalism ... there is Light and Dark ... there is Up and Down ... somwhere between but not quite in front of or behind it all ... is TOASTER MAGE.
"I are pant"
by Guardian Haukness February 05, 2005
Master of the ? and eating gourmet legos. Impressively strange....likes to say "I see" alot. Without Toasty I would not know of Chef Brian or the demented cartoon movie.....My life would be much less interesting.....
toastermage: o.o
toastermage: unusual
toastermage: class LevelMod(wxPanel):
def __init__(self,parent,id):

self.lvlbx = wxComboBoself,1, pos=(50,10),style=wxCB_READONLY)
for num in range(1,201):
by Smoke the Hucast May 09, 2005
Toaster Mage happens to be a very * person

*=random, boring, nerdy(in a good way), hilarious, evil, communist, pieist..the list goes on...

He happens to be very good at programing, and hacking video games, of which the most used is PSO for Gamecube(I think...)

There, is that definition good enough?
"Outside = bad"
by Zephania May 09, 2005
1) The usage of question marks instead of periods; or the excessive use of trails in an irrelevant sentence; or even both.
2) A paranoid pieist; hater of cakes, lover of pies.
"I am teh pieist?"
"Fun times......?"
by Hybride February 19, 2005
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