toast babies are what they sound like, baby toasts. made with tiny pieces of

bread and a toaster {tiny toaster is optional} they must be made with love and

both parties must consent to making them, nothing may be forced. they must have

at least two parents although they may have up to 9. if you happen to have

someone that is 76 years of age or older you may then add 2 additional parents

allowing the older people to take naps at regular intervals. if someone asks you

to make toast babies with them you should agree for this is a most amazing

offer. for it shows that they think you will show the toast babies enough love

and are fit to be a toast parent. it is frowned upon to not eat your toast

children after playing with them for a minimum 5 minutes, and is also forbid

that you eat them before 5 minutes. {rule does not apply to normal sized toast}

the toast children are happy to be eaten to both complete their life goals and

to nourish their loving parents. it is okay to be sad about your toast babies

being gone also.
person 1 walking up with a bag of mini bread

{not to be confused with mini waffles}

and a toaster says to person 2

"will you make toast babies with me?"

"gasp," says person 2. "what an honnor of course i will help you to make our

toast babies"

then they scamper off to find an electrical outlet and make their toast babies.
by CannibalHobo January 27, 2010

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