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An insult use in the common English vernacular.
Man, fuck you titsmagee!
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Tits Magee is a person, any person, with nice tits, or huge fatty titties, or sporting medium tits and great cleavage. When you refer to someone as tits magee you can do it in front of them or close to them and just refer to them as "magee" and drop the tits. They can be ugly, hot, fat, but when you refer to a fat person as "magee" you say it with a sort of sarcastic snarl, but a hot chick would be refered to with a desired tone.
Guy 1: "Hey, who hit on you at the club?"
Guy 2: "Fuggin tits magee"(with a sarcastic snarl cause she was fat and obnoxious and had hug fatty titty cleavage that shook like a tsunami tidle wave when she danced).
by Red March 04, 2005
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1. A phrase used to exclaim the amount of anguish just recieved from someone's act.

2. A person (mostly female) with extrordinary tits (also known as boobs, breasts, chesticles, etc.)
"Aww, Tits Magee! i forgot to bring my homework to class!"

"Yo dude, look at tits magee over there!"
by J. Barrett January 13, 2008
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someone who has abnormally large ta tas
dude at a party: that girl over there is tits magee

other dude: damn straight
by dyllpikle January 02, 2011
25 15
A large breasted woman who only has a job because of her large double D's. My momma always said " use whatt GODDD gave yahhh".
Tits-ma-gee is not a good worker,but she sure is stacked.
Im not sure how she got her job,but she sure must have gotten the general manager off.
by Brunswick October 12, 2006
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Person who eats alot and likes Dtraill.
We call Kristen Magee Tits Magee.
by MGEEZY973 October 23, 2006
29 132
a fat mess who loves halo and pokemon, a kid who fights with chimp munks and has rocky mountain tities, a small piggie nose and a hang over but not from drinking alcohol.
him: yo you fuckin tits magee!
the other guy: i havent played pokemon for 3 whole days!
by aape man November 01, 2007
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