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An amazing Mexican restaurant near the corner of Washington and Sepulveda in Culver City, CA. Pretty simple menu, renowned ground beef tacos with or without cheese, burritos as big as your forearm, enchiladas, and all the sides. Not a huge place, indoor and outdoor ordering windows, parking is a pain but well worth it, damn salsa is so good you can eat it on anything.
Bro: Hey dude you hungry?
Me: Fuck yeah
Bro: Where do you wanna go?
Me: Tito's Tacos of course
Bro: No shit, what was I thinking?
by danny boy in la July 05, 2009
An overhyped, "Mexican" restaurant specializing in Jack-in-the-Box style tacos. Mostly caters to white people from the Westside who don't know any better.
The store was out of dog food so I stopped by Tito's Tacos instead.
by absurdantihero November 12, 2015
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