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Tiramisu is a non-food related term used under two different circumstances. Firstly, it can be used to express your sincerity in any given situation. Usually used when one wishes to convey a true level of genuineness in their actions, words, behaviours without any ill intention or intent to play with others emotions. Generally, it is used both in question and answer form. It can also be expressed when one desires to give their word to someone. So instead of saying, “I give you my word”, one would replace it with “Tiramisu”.The derivation of such term usage arises from the fact that Tiramisu is a bona-fide and sweet desert.

Secondly, 'Tiramisu' is voiced when one wishes to indicate a feeling of being misunderstood by another. It is connected to the previous definition but the conditions under which it is used differs. Under this circumstance, an individual would say 'tiramisu' when they feel their genuineness and honesty is in question. The use of this term in such a context came about when a young Spanish child by the name of TIRA felt MISUndertood by a close relative. Their English skills were underdeveloped at that time so they expressed their feeling by saying 'Tira Misu'.
Eg. 1
Answer form -
individual: “I was thinking of purchasing an autotuning microphone for your birthday so we can play karaoke without having to worry about our screechy voices”
questioner: “Really? No, you said that 25 months, 2 weeks, 5 days and 8 hours ago but we are still microphoneless.
Individual: “No really! I've been saving up! Tiramisu”

Question form -
person 1: “The casserole you made for dinner last night was delicious.”
person 2: “Tiramisu?”
person 1: “Of course, I mean it.”

Eg. 2
Neil Armstrong: “I went to space, visited the moon, put an American Flag on it then came back to earth”
Person: “No way, you couldn't have. You're just trying to gain publicity and make cash so you can buy those expensive cowboy boots you always wanted”
Neil Armstrong: “Tiramisu.... Tiramisu. I honestly went to the moon and came back.”

Tiramisu (Expression)
by expressions_tiramisu August 31, 2010

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