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1. To trip/slip and fall
2. To hydroplane in a car
3. To fail
4. A word normally showing anger
1. Ryan: Ow, my head hurts so much right now!
Megan: Why? What happened?
Ryan: I tippin'dolled really hard on my head on the ice.

2. (Thomas is calling 911)
911 Operator: 911 what is your emergency?
Thomas: I got in a really bad car accident!
911 Operator: Are you ok? Do you know what happened?
Thomas: Well I was on 290 and it was raining really hard and I couldn't see anything and then a deer jumped out in front of my car and I tried to break and swerve out of the way but I tippin'dolled into a car in the passing lane!
911 Operator: Ok I'm sending emergency vehicles over right away!

3. Matt: I'm gonna tippin'dol that test in biology today; I didn't study at all!
Rebecca: Matt, you tippin'dol in life! You suck!

4. (Eric is speeding when he hears police sirens behind him)
Eric: TIPPIN'DOL!!!!! I hate my life!
by Eeyore Panhook March 20, 2008
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