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Very popular Irish political statement: tiochfaidh ar la is Irish for 'our day shall come', meaning the Irish will win freedom from British rule in the north.
Pronounced "Chuckie ar la". The word or saying is rejected and hated by protestants, police officers, orange men and British army personell. Used freely in Ireland as a joke as well. Also Tiochfaidh or chuckie is referred to as a Provo, an IRA man or supporter.
British army soldier: "Oi paddy, whats your name and address?
Irish man: "fuck off you British cunt, Tiochfaidh ar la and up the IRA".

Person 1: "hey do you wanna go for a beer in the Shamrock bar"
Person 2: Nah man too many 'chuckies' (Tiochfaidh's) drinkin there, lets go to the Blarney stone instead".
Person 1: "What, are you a brit, fuck off ya ballbag. Tiochfaidh ar la"
by happygravedigger July 31, 2009
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