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1. Menopause personified.
2. Beyonce's mother; a woman that resembles a sun-dried, manic-depressive lion.
3. How Beyonce will look thirty years from now, so she better enjoy her youthful, healhty appearance while she still has it.
1. My mom used to be a sweet, loving woman like Claire Huxtable. But eversince she hit 50, suffered hot flashes, screams for no reason and never smile...now she's a Tina Knowles.
2. Tina Knowles' face burns the corneas of my eyeballs.

by twistedbabydoll August 11, 2007
v. To make a (generally unappealing) costume out of practically nothing, with little to no experience or talent. Named for Beyoncé's mother, who designed and fabricated many costumes for her daughter and Destiny's Child to save money in the early days of their careers.
"Halloween is tomorrow! I better Tina Knowles some ghost costumes out of these sheets real quick."

"Is that a bracelet or did she just Tina Knowles a rubber band?"
by okokilltellyou December 27, 2011