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To be incapable of doing something, much like a disabled person, in this case Timmy from South Park
I got completely Timmy'd last night

I felt so Timmy'd in our last game.

I think I'll go to bed, I'm completely Timmy'd
by ianstrain August 11, 2008
When one has an explosive bowel motion, not necessarily diarrhea, nonetheless it has traumatic consequences for both the toilet and the people nearby. The aftermath often resembles track marks left by a tiny BMX rider or a ninja turtle hand print.
Example 1: "Dude, that burrito was mad poop fuel, I just timmy'd the toilet hard!"

Example 2: "I couldn't wait for the toilet to be available so I timmy'd in the pot plant"
by Dirtknap June 30, 2009
To be rejected; to be pwn'd daily;
"My goodness! That nasty hoe just Timmy'd by the ENTIRE audience!"
by KingSlore April 30, 2008
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