Derisive shorthand for US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner.
Put Treasury Sec Timmay G in charge, then there will be no Plan A, B or C to worry about...
by Ivan Karamazov July 27, 2010
Top Definition
The only word Timmy from Southpart uses to converse with outhers.
My name is Timmy = "Timmay timmay timmay timmay" (then a big smile)
by Irish Sancho August 10, 2006
It could mean absolutly anything
Mr. Garison-"God damnit Timmy, your grades are horrible and you never do your work!"
by Jesus November 08, 2004
one of two words that Timmy, the mental kid from South Park, says
Timmy: TIM-MAY!
by PyroPenguin November 30, 2003
A drunk with a runny anus.
What a timmy!
by Darxide February 11, 2003
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