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A drunk with a runny anus.
What a timmy!
by Darxide February 11, 2003
The only word Timmy from Southpart uses to converse with outhers.
My name is Timmy = "Timmay timmay timmay timmay" (then a big smile)
by Irish Sancho August 10, 2006
one of two words that Timmy, the mental kid from South Park, says
Timmy: TIM-MAY!
by PyroPenguin November 30, 2003
It could mean absolutly anything
Mr. Garison-"God damnit Timmy, your grades are horrible and you never do your work!"
by Jesus November 08, 2004
Derisive shorthand for US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner.
Put Treasury Sec Timmay G in charge, then there will be no Plan A, B or C to worry about...
by Ivan Karamazov July 27, 2010