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A tactical fighter designed by the US military used for night-time stealth operations. Characterized by its dark black color and contrastingly white teeth and eyes. Should be considered very unpredictable and extremely dangerous.
"Half of my squadron was down before we even knew what hit us...and the worst part was that all we could see...oh God the horror...those demonic teeth and eyes...This is just a disturbing example of the destructive power of the TIMI force".
-Excerpt from Tom Clancy's
Rainbow Six IV: Jungle Jamboree
by Torrissinator June 22, 2004
Very gorgeous girl, usually blonde. Can work different hair colors...mostly red. Has giant knockers and a nice big butt. Most guys wanna do her when they see her and her phone is full of male numbers. Timis just want attention and are great at getting it. They aren't giant whorebags but they are giant teases.
Man: holy poop dude, do you see that girl over there with the blonde hair, giant boobs and amazing ass?!
Man 2: Yeah broski that beezy is GORGEOUS!
Man: Such a Timi, I've gotta get her digits!
by cockmuncherdickeater May 02, 2010
Prison slang noun for intimidation.
Jack put the timi on John in order to get John to pick up the soap he dropped in the prison shower.
by Jaebum April 04, 2011
&TotSE, addict, and partly retarde...random... ya...
and is also quite useful at picking locks. wrote a 1100+ essay on how to prepare breakfast cerial. excellent at wasting time. can be really, really irritating. several people in the world dont want to kill him, mostly coz of the effort involved...o and add can make stuff from duck/t tape... oooo and is not a skater.
TiMi says - roflcopter = rofl but better
TiMi says - meth
Haley says - IM stealing that
TiMi says - No
by imhaley August 29, 2006
The kinkiest guy you'll ever meet and a robot
Omg did you know Timi makes me tight
by Mim3915 July 09, 2016
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