Someone that is risky to have around because they are on the urge to blowing it. A person that you know will end up ruining a perfect situation.
Lets go hit on them girls, but leave Jon behind. When that kid drinks he becomes a time bomb.
by kevin kage March 02, 2011
noun, adv,adj,verb; tyme-bahm
1.) The act of secretly giving a girl multiple laxatives then proceeding to engage in anal sex while striving to cum as fast as possible preferably before she defecates.
2.) An extreme sport in many major fraternities.
Person 1: How was it man?
Person 2: Shit man she blew first.
Person 1: Oh she was a time-bomb?
Person 2: Yea...
by Beerad Reeser November 16, 2009
In an office enviroment where there is little background noise to cover the sound of a fart, the Time Bomb is used to cover the sound of ripping that office fart. At precisely the moment you rip ass, you cough or produce a fake sneeze that far overshadows the sound of the Cleveland Air Freshener you just blasted out of your ass. It is also possible to get a "God Bless You" out of a co-worker when you use the sneeze option to which a "Thank You" reply is always justified.
Dude 1: Shit man, that hot chick in the cube next to me will never go out with me if she hears me farting all day. Dude 2: Fuck man, just do a Time Bomb if you don't have time to get out of your cube.
by The CLE Steamer May 09, 2009
Someone who is likely to get killed for reasons of acting out of person, being a total dick, etc.
Black Coat, White Shoes, Black Hat, Cadillac.....Yea, that boys a time bomb.

by Gunther December 17, 2004
Verb meaning to comment on very old facebook posts or life evets including birth, joining facebook, old birthdays, etc.
You've been timebombed!

I hope your News Years Party in 2008 was great, mine was a lot of fun! Timebomb!
by JasonAndSarah August 21, 2012
The act of rolling a sploofer( joint with tobacco ) then putting it into a bowl pice and surrounding it with more weed to keep it standing up. The you light the joint and rip it from the bong and wait til it gets to the weed then it will spark a fresh bowl at the bottom.
zach: "hey trynna burn"
alex: " yeah dude lets time bomb out of my new bong "
zach: " for sure dude lets do it"
by janetteoakleyV11 February 24, 2010
A sex game in which you have a short period of time. Say you have 10 minutes, you intercourse of nothing but penetration for the alotted time
When your boss is away from work for only 20 minutes and you and your co worker play "Time Bomb"
by colsowal April 02, 2013

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