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Someone who is never on time to meet his friends, thus stealing (and hoarding) everyones time. A time jew is typically making excuses and justification for their tardiness, and always calling others prejudice against their type.
Every day I wait 15 minutes, beyond our meeting time, for Ajit to meet up with me for lunch. What a typical time jew, stealing all my free time!
by TC Jenkins March 26, 2010
A person who refuses to go back and fix something, in fear that they will lose their precious time for counting their money. They'd rather have something look like crap instead of fixing it.
Person: Oh wow. You just laced your shoes wrong.
Time Jew: ITS OKAY. theres no time to go back and fix it anyway.
Person: .. Holy time jew..
by P!NKElEPHANT September 23, 2009