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The governor of Minnesota who proceeded to fuck up the state. Because of him and his idiots in legislature, Minnesota may go into a state shutdown.
When Tim Pawlenty leaves office I'll be sure to throw a party.
by The Volkswagen Beatle June 22, 2005
- former governor of Minnesota

- your high school guidance couselor

- guy on Brawny logo
"...Tim Pawlenty, who you may recognize from his previous jobs as former governor of Minnesota and your high school guidance counselor." - Stephen Colbert
by skillcosby88 September 12, 2011
Republican governor of Minnesota, who appears to have a pedosmile
Pawlenty: Hi, I'm Tim Pawlenty.

Man: You have a pedomile..

Pawlenty: Yeah, because I love santorum from little boys.
by Stonesour025 August 27, 2006