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The worst announcer in all of sports. A website, shutuptimmccarver.com is dedicated to him (though as of 10/25/11 is not working). Known for being a baseball broadcaster for fox, he annually delivers us with the lowest possible quality color commentating during the world series. McCarver has given us groundbreaking in-depth analysis, with lines such as "Roy Oswalt is a drop and drive pitcher. What does this mean? When he pitches, he drops & drives. Simple." during the 2005 world series. It is a wonder to many why fox brings him back every year. It is not a wonder, however, for the reason for declining ratings of the MLB postseason and the world series. The answer lies right in front of you.
Tim McCarver: Well, if there is a runner on base and the batter hits a home run, it will be 2 runs and thus tie the game. If nobody is on, the Rangers will still be down a run. However, Josh Hamilton is on first. So if Napoli hits a home run, the game is tied. Basic.
by ShutUpTimMcCarver October 25, 2011