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A person who thinks she or he's really something. A person who likes to show off. A person who believes she or he's bigger/better/cooler than the people around him/her. A delusion that you're much more powerful and influential than you really are. Also: overestimation of one's own capabilities.

Invented in Brixton, London, in February 2010. Expression taken from the name of an actual shop, i.e. Tile Giant, 140-142 Brixton Hill, London, SW2 1 RS, UK.
He thinks he's in charge of everything, I guess he thinks he's a tile giant!

He tells everyone (who doesn't want to know) how great his tricks are. He's a proper tile giant!

She thinks she can fly off that roof. Now she's a real tile giant!
by avril14th December 23, 2010
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