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Its when you are fucking some one up the ass and then they shit all over you and the bed
I feel sorry for who ever that hotel housekeeper is its a Tijuana crime scene in there
by outlaw May 31, 2004
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This occurs when guy that is titty fucking a girl shits on her chest just before he cums... he continues to trust back and forth getting the cum and shit all over.... ie a big mess. There can be numerous variations to this
When I was done with Jane she looked like a Tijuana crime scene. Then she mademe dinner. What a dumb bitch!
by Jed June 14, 2003
n. See DIRTY SANCHEZ. After the dirty sanchez occurs, the suspect proceeds to trash the victim's home. totally.
I gave the mexican bitch a Tijuana crime scene. She was crying.
by Troy McGrath June 15, 2003
Its a band as well... an emo band.
Did you hear the new Tijuana Crime Scene album?
by Jose January 02, 2005

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