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A sexual act originating from Tijuana's notorious Red Light District wherein a man lightly salts a woman's breasts, licks it off and proceeds to do a body shot of Jose Cuervo Azul Agave Tequila with the shot in the belly button and the lime in the mouth of the woman.
Guy 1: I have a crazy hangover, what happened last night? I don't remember.

Guy 2: Oh shit Dave, last night was crazy, you got an ASU girl to do a Tijuana Tittylickin' with you!
by TricepLincoln December 07, 2009
A sexual act involving the smothering of a woman's nipples with salt, sucking it off, covering the same areas with tequila, and finally sucking those areas clean. This provides great satisfaction to both people, especially the male (or female) who is now intoxicated.
Guy 1: Hells yeah I've done a Tijuana Tittylickin'!

Guy 2: Do you remember it?

Guy 1: Sadly no, I got too drunk and I passed out. Now i have no memory of the occasion
by BicepWashington December 04, 2009
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