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The act of eating KFC mashed potatoes and gravy off of someone in a sexual manner.
This nasty girl in my high school was "bragging" about how the way-older dude she was dating worked at KFC and would bring home buckets of mashed potatoes and gravy to eat off of her. I think she thought everyone was going to be titillated by her Tijuana Picnic but it just made everyone sick.
by DeeJayPee January 09, 2009
When two people, upon realizing that continuing a night out with drunken psychopath(s) could turn into a murderous nightmare, much like the city of Tijuana, abandon said psychopath(s) to embark on a far less dangerous, yet highly enjoyable experience, much like a picnic. This term is particularly relevant when the name of the bar to which said two people escape is called Tijuana Picnic, and even more so when said two people order tequila at this bar, even if they don’t drink it.
We were pretty sure we would die if we stayed with Aadhar as he berated our cab driver with racial slurs at 2 AM, so we just ended up pulling a Tijuana Picnic.
by foshololo March 28, 2015
An orgy in which two or more members are given a Tijuana Doughnut.
I heard last night that Timmy went to a Tijuana picnic!
by grumblekeix February 05, 2009

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