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Source of power; Needed to ensure you are 'bi winning'.
Mike: Why is Charlie got some much energy and doing so well?

Peter: Charlie is using tigers blood. He is winning
by Game over DC March 08, 2011
Charlie Sheen's drug of choice
Charlie Sheen can do anything because he's got tiger's blood!
by RBAKA March 05, 2011
The blood of tigers, a mixed drink or a name for a type of steroid. No one is completely sure what it really means. It could just be the reamblings of some crazy person about to hit rock bottom.....Either way created by Charlie Sheen and causing quite a stir.
I went to the gym all hyped up on TIGERS BLOOD and totally got my CHARLIE SHEEN on!

I really wanted something special and rare so I decided to go snag me some Tigers Blood!

Went to the club and consumed a bunch of Tigers i don't know if i should be picking up hot women or going to the gym.....kinda confusing?
by Igotyourwheels March 02, 2011

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