we call a situation ’tiger whiskers’ when a process is at its initial stage – such as getting a fashionable tattoo of a tiger and the whiskers are complete and:
a. but stops there, as the adventurous feelings are decreasing by the strong pain, and the client leaves with only 6 little lines on his/her shoulder in the hope of a braver future
b. it turns out how much more exciting these mysterious lines are, which hint at the enigma of its owner
for example in higher education a student certainly gets a line = tiger whiskers, and it only turns out afterwards how much more of the tiger is etched
by supermagnet November 20, 2011
Top Definition
When one goes down on a girl who still has her tampon in, thus pulling it out with there teeth and the shaking there head all around resulting in thing red strips on the checks.
Herrin " Hey Otak what are those red stripes on your checks?"

Otak " Ohh the wife was on the rag last night and i saw it as a opportunity to earn my Tiger Whiskers."
by Otak May 17, 2013
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