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Having multiple affairs, usually more than 10.
Person 1: Jesse James is totally cheating on Sandra Bullock.

Person 2: Yeah but I've only heard of like 3 affairs, he's not quite Tiger Woodsing yet.
by eightyone April 04, 2010
When you slap a girl's face. Treat her like a dirty little whore and then put your cock in her ass and then shove it down her throat (see transcript of Tiger Woods text messages to Joslyn James).
So I was in the middle of tiger woods-ing her when she said she doesn't do ass to mouth. I instantly went soft.
by beastcake March 22, 2010
The act of fingering two women at the same time. With the use of both hands, and a woman seated on each side of you.
Yo I was at the club last night and I was straight Tiger Woods-ing these two hoes.
by Fuzzy Dinosaur December 30, 2009
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