A high school in the Portland suburb of Tigard, Oregon. It is very different from Tualatin High School, so stop trying to make it a carbon copy of Tualatin High School.
Tigard High School rules.
by Ticked-off Tiger January 22, 2007
Top Definition
School in Tigard- a suburb of Portland. #1 Weed bust high school in Oregon. Free weed inside of nearby park if you know the right people. Its rival is Twalatinn low school. Every one hates that school even the people who attend. Tualitin shrinks your dick and makes you smell bad.
"Isn't Tigard HighSchool Fucking awesome?!"- kid from tigard
"Fuck Yeah!"- kid from jesuit
"wtfbbqiamgay no Tigard is poopie. der deeerp."-smartest person at tualitin
by Guy who goes to tualitin high October 28, 2009
The best school ever in the history of the universe. Another high school in the district called Tualatin high is overshadowed and its once meaningful glory is undermined by the immaculate force that is Tigard.
"Tigard HighSchool guys all have enormous members."

"Tigard HighSchool has once again destroyed our self esteem and caused us to re-think our timberwolf/mafia/saggy boob religion." -Waugh (a tualatin student)
by TREVBERT LUSKE March 04, 2010
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