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a pair of large nasty sagging breast.

A pair of breast hanging out of a bra which are nasty, hairy, smelly, stinky, or have something which makes them undesirable unless you have a freaky fetish.

A pair of large breast which are sagging, wierd looking, deformed, or have veins which can be seen.
Person 1 :Hey look at that fat chick on the beach.
Person 2:Damn!!!! She needs to put those tig ol nasties away.

Person 1:I love my grandma but every since her surgery i have to help bathe her.
Person 2: Eww, I can't imagine those veiny tig o nasties staring at me.

Person 1: Dammmmnnn. Look at those Tig Ol Bitties.
Person 2; UGGHHHHHH. Those ain't tig o bitties, look at the hair, those are Tig ol Nasties lmao
by Blakt3948 May 31, 2011
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