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The Main Male Protagonist of Square Soft's PS2-Hit Final Fantasy X. As a child, his father vanished, which forced his mother to suffer from the "Lovebirds" depressions. This developed a cry-frail personality to Tidus. Combat-wise, Tidus lacks great strength due to his inexperience with the sword. However, agility is his main weapon, for he can hit the fastest enemies.
TIDUS: Wha? Me, emotional? Get real!
AURON: I heard you were quite the crybaby.
by Delf January 04, 2004
The main Character in Final Fantasy 10. He is living in a large city called Zanarkand, when a monster named sin, attacks, he is transported to a world called Spira. There he meets new friends (Rikku, Wakka, Lulu, Kimahri, and Yuna). He also reunites with his mentor from Zanarkand, (Auron.).

He is also the Star player of the "Zanarkand Abes" a Blitzball team, no the best team in Zanarkand.

Uses a sword and is very agile, he can hit even the fastest enemies.

Ends up that his Zanarkand was a dream of the Fayth. While the real Zanarkand was destroyed by Bevelle 1000 years ago in The Machina War
Note that your characters name can be changed, it doesn't have to be Tidus, this is the default name.
by J. Fawcett January 19, 2006
The main character of Final Fantasy X. Has blonde untamed hair, blue eyes, star player of the Zanarkand Abes.
"Starrrrrrr player of the Zanarkand Abes!"
by Reiko November 18, 2003
main character in FFX. Thinks too much. He's pretty good with a sword. Yuna's bestest guardian.
Tidus is Yuna's bitch.
by the dude March 01, 2004
The playable character in Final Fantasy X. From the dream world of Zanarkand. Star player of the Zanarkand Abes, wears the Abes uniform and silver chain bearing the Abes symbol. Messy blonde hair and blue eyes. Falls in love with Yuna, the young summoner.
Tidus: If we ever get seperated just whistle. I'll come running, I promise.
by Rollercoaster217 July 10, 2005
The main character in Squares Final Fantasy X. He is a dream of the fayth along with the rest of Zanarkand. The real Zanarkand was destroyed in a great Macinasp? war against Bevelle. SPOILER: Hence the reason he disapeared in the end of the game. Yu Yevon the one who created Sin was vancuished.
It's pronounced fuckin' TIE-DUS!..


Pronounced Tee-dus,
but I'll call him TIE-dus just to be difficult.
Sounds better anyway.

Tidus was the best dream I've ever had.
by Geostigmagirl July 10, 2008
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