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The main population of the town Ticonderoga. But not true hicks. The hicks here are wannabes and only wear flannels and work boots because they think it "looks good". They are generally hated by most people and enjoy to call people with long hair "fags" because it makes them feel better about themselves. All Ticonderoga Hicks are extremely unattractive and enjoy making this retarded ass voice that only makes them seem more unattractive. They seem to refuse to come out of the closet even though everyone knows they enjoy having orgies with each other. They're hobbies include: fucking cows, having sex with each other, hunting, chewing, calling people "fags", and just being overall low-life dumbasses. The only ones that enjoy they're jokes are other hicks, no one else finds them funny. They can often be spotted in trucks, at Ticonderoga High School, in the forest hunting, and occasionally downtown. So overall the Ticonderoga hicks are: stupid, retarded, nasty, unattractive, and hated by most people.

Examples include: Johnathan Ashe, Jacob Sawyer, Konner Bruce, Cole Mars, and Luke Lang
Ticongeroga Hick: "uh-oh hot dog!"

Normal person: "Shut the fuck up you retarded ass hick your not funny!"

Ticonderoga Hick: "You fag."

Normal person "Dude you really should just kill yourself"
by youdontknowthisguy November 06, 2011
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