Something that is bomb. Since bombs often tick before they explode...boom!
Dude, that last run was tickin'.
#tickin' #tickin #bomb #boom #dank
by Jephatt Mockishure. January 01, 2010
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Top Definition
1. To be extremely angry, ready to explode like a time bomb.

2. To be excited

3. To be very good or very skilled at something

4. To be on fire
1. I'm ticking off at my friends and fam for not telling me that it was a holiday today.

2. I am ticking out waiting for school to end already so I can have my Friday all to myself!

3. I saw you shooting hoops at the gym the other day. You're tickin with it dude, that's raw talent!

4. Lebron was straight ticking versus the Cavs last night. He showed them no mercy.
#bomb #ready to blow #hot #ticked off #pissed #heated #smoking
by thEbx41 November 13, 2012
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