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A person that buys concert tickets and sells them on eBay for more than face value in order to make profit off other peoples misfortunes!
George: "This guy is selling Kings of Leon tickets for £200 each!!

Flash: "God damn it, what a ticket wanker"
by FL455H November 05, 2010
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A uniformed issuer of fixed penalty notices, extremely eager, demonstrating ecstatic enjoyment of said practice, an overly enthusiastic pursuit of possible covert vehicular or travel violations.
Especially where a violation is not at all obvious.

Ticketwanker: Overly vigilant ticket wardens, for the placement of penalty notices on motor vehicles, this may involve following shoppers back to their cars and checking parking tickets while the vehicle is being loaded. Hiding out of sight to virtually entrap a hapless drivers motor with a wheel clamp, which could lead to the crushing of said device, upsetting the owner and providing heightened delight for the issuer. The pursuit and capture of fare dodgers on public transport is also valid for this definition, due to the disappointment shown when a train carriage or bus full of the traveling public does not provide anything but valid tickets, but the ecstatic behaviour comes into play when the hunt is successful.
by M.Cameron February 12, 2009
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