A) An uninvited or disliked person that doesn't get the message they are not welcome or have used up their usefulness, or never had any usefulness to begin with.
B) An ex-girlfriend that tries to mess up present or future relationships.
C) An annoying black person.
D) A girl that doesn't get the picture that no guy in their right and sober mind would ever want to have any intercourse with them. Fellatio is acceptable with a verified tick worm.
E) People that mooch constantly, and never contribute to the mission, or alcohol/weed fund.
F) Mikey and Quwan.
"Quwan, stop being a tick worm!"

"God, who let that tick worm come to the party?"

"Why is your ex such a fucking tick worm?"

"Man that girl doesn't get the picture no one wants to fuck her, what a fucking tick worm."

"Fucking tick worm!"

"At first, she was a good fuck, but that bitch is really starting to become a fucking tick worm."
by Cfarinas January 19, 2009
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