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Usual pronounciation / Chinese pinyin: tiān, Common error in pronunciation by uninformed English-speakers: Tee-ANN / Tee-AWN.

Can refer to sky, field, cosmos, heaven, or forehead in Chinese. Is usually used in conjunction with Lei in a name. Lei means thunder in Chinese. Coincidentally, the bottom part of the word 雷(Léi) is 田, which is pronounced tián. The pronunciation 'tián' can also refer to 甜, meaning sweet.

Of course, all of this only applies to Chinese.
Jo: I met a girl named Tian today and decided that I should research her name.

Kerwin: Great idea! Once you're done, you should totally research every other kid's name in the school and post it on Urban Dictionary dot Com!
Jo: Will do! Thanks Kerwin.
by MoneyisAwesome September 08, 2009
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an acronym for

said in times of awkwardness; particularly in gaps of dialogue in a conversation. the 'tian factor' becomes more intense as the number of people involved in the conversation inncreases. However, this usually stops at around 5 people, as one person will usually laugh at the silence.

This word is good for saying to another friend (who knows what it means) during a 'tian', as the other people will most likely not know what it means.
tom: 'i hate koreans'
mink: 'really?'
tom: 'what is your background, anyway?'
mink: 'korean'

by leotownsend July 25, 2006
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An acroynm for This Is Anus Nonsense
Usually reffered to a homosexual individual who is ambigious in their sexuality. And generally pasty in complexion.
'hey you seen the new kid?'
'let's not talk about that guy he's too tian!'
by Tian Scott November 10, 2011
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