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An absolute nutter, who has tennis ball sized eyeballs which will explode under extreme stress. Also has a nose like Lord Voldemort and also exhibits cat like features for example to lick ones own ass clean after taking a poop. Will also ask strangers to spin them right round baby right round, because this beat is sick they wanna take a ride on your disco stick. Warning also prone to carrying a whole array of sexually transmitted diseases, such as AIDS and leprosy also severe genital worts
Person A: hey i just saw a thuriga she licked me
Person B: fuck you got AIDs
Person A: how?
Person B: she licks her own ass
Person A: i know that kinda turns me on
Person B: Wtf.... Wait are you Dubow.....Charles Dubow
Person A: how'd ya know
Person B:......... you two are a couple
by Dr jekyll February 15, 2012