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To raise Knee in air while jumping and making contact with the body /or, and/ face while thrusting both elbows back with fist balled up also screaming "Thunder Knee!!!" (Eagle helmet will make even more epic!)
As you are about to defeat your opponent and he is dizzy while standing up (Mortal Kombat style) or on there knees (Easiest to do). for the first situation, ask a friend to get on all fours, take a few steps back to gain maximum damage, then proceed to run forward and jump off the back of your friend and scream "Thunder Knee" while drilling your knee in the side of there face or chest with the right knee (Left optional) (Pads if weak in the knee) while your foe is Standing. If you are in the second situation and your opponent is dazed while on knees. Take a few steps back for the maximum momentum, then charge forward and impale your knee into there face while screaming "Thunder Knee!!!". if done right in both situations your opponent should be knocked out or dead. after this proceed to say "YES!!!"
by 16BiTManiac April 23, 2010
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