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a respected gentleman who recently transfered to a respectful school. This true gangsta be rollin 9" inch socks tuckin his phat jeans, and appears with multiple bandanas around the neck. He generally hangs out in the front of the school, also known as the smokers corner where he chain smokes mutiple ciggaretes by himself. He prefers to lean on small sedans, or Hype Ass SUV's which he pimps n flosses e'rrday. Thug of tha year can be decribed as wack, yet keeping that true gangsta steelo.
"yoo 'dat guy is straight hood, naaw mean? he be flossin dank hard wit them 8 ciggaretes per minute ba' himself."

"Check out dat fresh OG ballin wit that crew of 1, watch out Thug a tha' year will pop one in ya' wack ass, 1 time holl atcha Boi"
by c-block catz October 01, 2004

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