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Thu'um is the ancient language spoken by the dragons in the northern province of Skyrim in Tamriel. It is also Shouted to achieve various effects (Yol Sul Faad, for example). Humans, Elves, Khajiit and Argonians can use this power, but only after years of mastery. But for one, the Dragonborn, who can use the Thu'um with ease.
The above defenition in Thu'um:
Thu'um los fin kruzik zul tinvaakaan nal fin dovah ko fin brom lien do Keizaal ko Taazokaan. Nii los Thu'umaan wah komeyt vomal fus (Yol Sul Faan, fah tey). Jut, Fahiil, Kaaz ahrk Sivaas aal kod daar suleyk, nuz niid fah unslaad iz. Nuz fah gein fin Dovahkiin, wo aal kod fin Thu'um voth zind.
by EpicTFOL July 10, 2012
a word that can be used in many different situations, all of them being sexual innuendos
Wilson,"Broseph, member when I blew my thu'um all over that picture of Gene Roddenberry?"
Stephen," Ya man, that shit got everywhere."

Dude 1: Holy shitballs I just blew my thu'um all over like 6 guys.
Dude 2: Damn bro thats a huge thu'um
by Ron Geneddenberry November 27, 2011

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